There is no substitute for FRESH coffee.

That’s why we roast our coffee in small batches.  Our coffee doesn’t have time to become old and stale before it is consumed.

At Roasters, there is no coffee on our shelves for sale that is more than three weeks old.

But even fresh roasted coffee must begin with high quality beans if you’re to have a satisfying cup.  We buy only the finest Specialty Grade Coffees selected from the top 10% of Arabica beans grown in the world.

Each variety of coffee is roasted to its own profile to achieve the maximum flavor and aroma.

In general, you can expect a coffee of Central or South America to have a smokier taste, with hints of chocolate, caramel, malt or sometimes a citrus touch. Coffees from Africa tend to taste a bit fruitier or winey. They are brighter in feel on the tongue. Indonesiancoffees lean toward spicy tastes with more floral tones. They have a bit more exotic flavors.

We are also making an effort to purchase as many Fair Trade coffee beans as possible.  By doing so, we not only are engaging in a socially proactive economic practice, but a positive side effect is that we are getting better quality beans, which mean better tasting coffee for you.  You will find these coffees on our coffee page with an FTO which stands for Fair Trade Organic.

In addition to these single origin beans, we have many blends.  Follow the links below for more information.



Blends Barista Blend (Tanzania, Colombia) Rich, full bodied with a touch of fruitiness. Breakfast Blend (Guatamala, Kenya, Colombia) Medium bodied, balanced and full flavored. Dave's Blend (Brazil, Costa Rica, Papua New Guinea) Dark roasted,...
Single Origins

Single Origins

Latin America Brazil  FTO Bold but not overly dark. The chocolate/caramel comes through for a richly, satisfying cup of coffee. Brazil Decaf  Dark roast, full body.  So rich you won't believe its decaf. Colombia Decaf   Currently una...